Explaining our SERVICES

Self examination is often considered the best way to work toward improvement. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try it is often extremely difficult to be unbiased when we consider matters that are close to us. In times like this it is helpful to seek outside opinions and insight. This holds true as businesses need to be able to adjust and adapt in order to survive in the long term, but companies often struggle to determine what problems and opportunities they face going forward.

Bock Consulting Services exist to provide companies with an outside opinion and fresh insight that can help them adapt for the future. Bock Consulting Services employs a variety of approaches considered to be part of a larger continuum but there are two main approaches that are most often employed by Bock Consulting Services.

Expert approach & Facilitative approach

We employ an expert approach to business consulting to provide clients with an “expert” opinion as it relates to their company and its position in the market place. Bock consultants will offer their expert opinion and advice to the client, often with little or no input from the client during the process.

Our facilitative approach focuses less on the expert knowledge of a consultant and works more closely with the client to improve the business process. Bock Consulting Services is structured in a manner that allows us to handle various specializations that different clients present them. Examples of consulting functions include:

  • Strategy Operations
  • Technology
  • Executive Leadership
  • Process Improvement
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Start-Up/Company Set-Up
  • Import/Export
  • Business Development
  • (Execution of)Business Planning
  • Daily Operations Management
  • Business Expansion
  • Financial Management

In addition to these types of consulting, there are specialized areas that we will deal in as well. This allows them to further assist companies with highly specialized businesses.

These areas include:

  • Import / Export
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Management

and many others.

The Formation

The formation of Bock Consulting Services allows it to employ individuals that can meet the needs of almost any client in need of help. For example, our team has member(s) who specializes in automotive industry, marketing and sales, while another specializes in Business management & operations, being supervised & guided by an overall experienced Senior Business Consultant.

Bock Consulting Services performs 3 major tasks for its clients that differ depending upon the need of each client that approaches the company.

These include:

  • Helping a business reinvent itself or revamp its image
  • Assisting businesses with acquisitions and takeovers of other businesses
  • Helping new/small/large & troubled businesses develop a business plan

Each of these services requires different approaches, but there are some constants that can be found in all three services.

These include:

  • Getting to know the business
  • Assessing problems and highlighting opportunities
  • Developing a plan of action

Bock Consulting Services cannot help its clients unless they get to know everything about the client’s business. During that step, our consultants begin to discover the problems facing the company and learn what opportunities lay ahead.

Finally, we take the knowledge gained in the first two steps to develop a plan of action that will help the client be successful in the future.